Cappo Bday 3.1.13

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real…

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My homies from around the way came through to celebrate Cappo bday. Cappo been a wild dude for ever since I knew him.  He would do things just cause of the whim of it. I remember when he tried to fight the whole basketball team cuz of this cheerleader he messed with was cheering too hard for the players. He got a good head on his shoulders, he just doesn’t always make the smartest moves. I can say the same thing about myself. Cappo was the type of dude to help you get your chain back if it was to get snatched up from some goons. Since I got back to Dc from cali. I am hyped to hang with some people I really know. The appeal of the club definitely wearing off. People look zombiefied yelling out phrases about driving bugattis and maybach. Sun, most of them dont even know the difference of a 4 cylinder and v6. I think with all of the so called advancements people are not getting smarter. They going the opposite way. When I seen malnutritioned kids from africa they were all thin. Malnourished people in America overweight. They don’t even wanna take the time to see what’s in their food. Do they trust all of the restaurants doing the right thing? So we hit up this reggae spot off U street. Cappo think he on bourbon street walking around with his drinks. Crew tripping on one because I don’t drink liquor anymore. I broke down the high sugar content and how the bottles say spirit on em. Like wtf does that mean? I told em how people act different when on that sauce. Sure them spirits got something to do with it. Like people cant even drive a car straight after some shots. Even the word shots. Why they call it that? I don’t even like getting shot at.  This spot definitely for the ratchets. Women dont seem to care about themselves in here. Their outfits screaming that they need attention. Somebody gonna give it to them, but not without getting something in return.

All of a sudden a thought came across my head about Kim. We meet two weeks ago and I have been dodging her. I guess I am kinda nervous. Like I have seen so many women all around the world. DId my celibacy bit for a little while. Then a married woman looked to hook me, but I let that slide. Then there was Yvette who decided to spend her life overseas looking to do her version about saving the world. Why would I look to build something new with Kim? I don’t know much about her. I am gonna hit her up tomorrow. Everything happens for a reason. Since I got my dog, Ojom, life been even better. He so full of life and loves to do anything. He loves to grub. I never had to take care of something so small. He looks like he has his own soul. His facial features are so distinct. I am starting to check my ego and looking to live life in a wholistic way. That’s probably what got me slightly hesitating on hitting up Miss Kim. But I am. Some good weird vibe I got from her in the little bit of convo we had at the juice bar. She’s a curator at an African art museum. I don’t really know what that does. Sounds official. I didn’t tell her I was an artist. Seeming it slowing down right now, I haven’t been advertising it as much.

There’s a lot going on the world. Two weeks ago, Large Hadron Collider, world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, switching off for two years for upgrading. A particle accelerator? That sounds like something out of Back to the Future movie. I didn’t even know what that was when I first heard about it.  To break it down particle accelerator is a device that makes use of electromagnetic fields to thrust charged particles at very high speeds. The particles are contained in well-defined beams. See stuff like that game changing. How much money being spent on them things? Having one of those I would use it to accelerate my life to being the greatest artist of the time. I am not into the whole public relations thing, but I know ain’t no money like show money. Just can’t see myself acting like someone I am not. That is one of the points that I become an artist because it allows me to express myself. Some people might not value their opportunity to make a choice and be their self. I define myself and I am good with not fitting in. That’s never been my goal. The more I get to know myself the more I find that I am who I am and that is all that am. I came across a magazine that said how old style artists use sacred geometry in their work. When they taught me basic geometry in school I didn’t know how everything was related. Maybe they don’t want people to develop their ability to think. People are so distracted in the world that they have a hard time concentrating. And there’s a lot going on. So what are they going to do? Just keep going and getting distracted. See the particle accelerator I get my funding to create this new art form to help open people’s mind. The world so boxed in. TV a box, door a box, the window a box, cell phone a box, tablet a box, laptop a box, refrigerator a box. Nature doesn’t have straight lines. That’s why I would get on that Beam and straighten out some things, so I could shift my time to creating art and just on my hustle to survive out here. I still enjoy the hustle cause I know it’s making me into a diamond. Seriously tho, carbon under pressure makes diamonds. Body got at least 18% carbon. I even seen a report that a company using human ashes from dead body and turning it into diamonds. There is so much going in the world.


My Way Long 2.13.13

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real…

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I lost my way long as I say I lost my way I can find it. Now I know that is my time I got to shine with it. I know I’ll be seeing some outrageous out of this world stuff but it’s getting even more while there cause it’s tough it gets easier. To be everything means a lot. No worries.  I been learning a lot about myself. Got me thinking what did I really know. Grown man and I couldn’t explain what my liver does. That’s one of the primary workers in my body. Now though I know that each part is essential to me running top of the chart. To keep optimal functioning I got to eat healthy foods. That gets translated to something else and then I write off the something else. I got to see things through my combined eyes. I know there’s not too many ride body is as hot as me. Take care of my body better than I would a Ferrari.  I would say you could put me in a room only because of my style is unique light and fun. Keyshia Cole can sing I can draw. Keyshia Cole she’s a great performer but that’s what I’m saying so this is my unique style with it. To look at it everyone is unique.  Right now like yeah I could make life look around as the same as everyone else and they call still call me by my name. That’s just not me. I got to go with my heart. It acts without need for explanation. So when people bring up my past and say you was wit me from Ned’s. I might not remember ya. That was a different life from when I started and all the same doing same things not for me. They know things I have done, choices I made. If you were still with me I got you. It’s real out there cuz sometimes s*** do stink.

So much I got on my mind cuz its not baby it’s my profashion to confess my love for you and I love to do what I do love video games, I love to create are alright so much i doing alright so much that I can’t lose fat people ask me when I start drawing. Start? I never started I was always like that but I used to draw with my mind so now I do it with my hand so that’s what it is. I have had over 20,000 views on sites with my creations. Publications s*** written about me, good bad its publicity.  S*** I wrote been in publishing newspaper magazine come on just waiting for the world to wake up and really catch feel my work. Til that happens. I will keep creating and after too. Looking back on my life I have been some places and seen some strange things.

Most things I make sense of and there are some things I can’t. Like how they talk about the kundalini spirit in the movie Meet the Fockers.  Or the entering of 5th dimension and then mysteriously losing my evo 3d phone.  There was the dream about never doubting the almighty, which in turns means not doubting self because we all are connected as one. I thought about the $100 bill I found on the beach. Oh yeah there was time during winter solstice when dude told us how vampires are real cuz he is one and how people feed off blood and steal energy by standing very closely to people. Who really would believe it without being there? I know the truth and wasn’t alone. I just wonder do people have paranormal activity and brush it off as nothing. Someone explain how people can feel someone looking at them. What about some of the women I have been with? Are we connected on some interplanetary realm or pure lust? Why do we lust for things that we know hurts us? And the guns that have been pulled on me taught me about work hazards of certain career choices. Wheeew I remember when Hawn passed in dc. That was tuff. All over $5 bet and a video game.  Some much weird out supernatural star trek type stuff. I didn’t grow up watching that stuff so it’s strange that I see all these out in the world. I recently heard the term metaphysics. The meaning is very interesting. How much of the world has access to this information?  So many act like they are not aware of this knowledge or they don’t key into it. World stays in war. One half of dc is struggling, poverty and homelessness. Then you see luxury apartments being built across the other part of town at the same time. A lot of symbolism can be found in television and music. Do people even ask questions anymore or just go with the flow? Now is it design for people just to go with the flow or is that the goal but if I still go whose goal is it anyway?  I don’t take to it am I wrong for the asking these questions and thinking differently or should I just go along. I see movies like Matrix, Dark City and I see I see the symbolism symbolism. How dare I ask these questions about life? How not? They need to be asked and I need answer I am living and learning how to love.

Well if heaven only knows and its all me some things and I figure it out what it really brings the heaven inside us with the Bible says. I am ready from first of birth but I feel it every way I mean in the way my blood moves forward. For me step up the galaxy. Be useful to be some new life. Look back only to learn. I gotta keep going. All is self.

Clouds & H20 8.18.12

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real…

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I haven’t found the need to watch sports like I used to. I am seeing through the blurred lines.Trends to live a healthier lifestyle are constantly being promoted through various diet programs, fitness education and other formats. People are drinking less carbonated drinks, such as soda. This helps in increasing the sales of non-carbonated drinks like Gatorade. I am getting my hydration from alkaline water.

Sports are a billion dollar industry within the United States. Gatorade utilizes the high interest level in sports to capture market share of sports drink industry. The company sponsors high profile athletes who play different sports to use and promote Gatorade products. By diversifying athlete sponsorships, Gatorade markets to people that share interests in different sports, as well as their interests in a sponsored athlete. Why don’t I see more athletes advertising the drinking of water?

Technological changes have positively affected Gatorade’s ability to gain product acceptance form the consumer. Gatorade uses technology to highlight the benefits of consuming their products. Virtual marketing allows companies to change the way they structure resources. They established social media pages on the Internet, which provides a forum for consumers to discuss their experiences with using Gatorade products. This an advanced way of displaying customer testimony because product users can easily describe how they benefited from using the product.

There are many different Gatorade products that they consumer may chose from. This allows Gatorade to market to people with many different health interests, tastes and goals. Each product line gives Gatorade the opportunity to market towards the consumer’s interests. Some consumers may elect to purchase Gatorade sports drinks due to their assortment of flavors. I wonder if they use filtered water in their drinks. Others may chose Gatorade because of the different functions that their products serves, such as energy or protein sources.

Gatorade contains heavy influence within the sports industry. This is very beneficial for the company due to the international interest in sports. Gatorade is able to globally market and promote their products The use of athletes to promote Gatorade’s products gives them an effective format to reach people throughout different marketing tools. Consumers may believe they can train and perform if they use the same products that athletes use.

Consumers can identify with these well-known athletes who use Gatorade products. Additionally, during the end of an important game, mainly in football, the winning coach is “showered” with Gatorade. The players of the winning pour a large bucket of Gatorade on their coach. This insinuates that drinking Gatorade is synonymous with being a winner and can be seen by all people viewing the sporting event. I am not into being a sports athlete. I love drinking water.

Circle Frames 8.2.12

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real…

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I sat and thought about some of the major events that happened in my life.

I have been electrocuted.

I sold to a politician.

I threw yacht parties.

I owned a tattoo shop.

I sold work for 17 hours straight.

I ran into the back of the truck as I caught a football and held on.

Time is flying by so quickly. I find it difficult to complete everything I want in a day. I’ ve been working on learning about life. Looking at differences religious texts and spiritual guides. I heard the bible stands for basic instructions before leaving earth. The more info I looked into, the stranger things get. I hit up this focus group people interested in spiritual life. I vibed with two ladies, Teresa, a recent grad from Clark Atlanta. Pretty face not my type. She seemed too off balance for me like one of these characters on the show “Girlfriends.” The other lady Danielle, was a short ball of fire from Memphis. She did some acting on the Soul Food circuit. That’s like an off off Broadway travel around the country performing original screenplays. We kicked it a couple of times and I told her I could help her with some promotions. She said she wasn’t gonna let me hustle her. I told her I wasn’t asking for any money. She wasn’t hearing me. It seemed like she brainwashed and programmed, not matter what I said she couldn’t hear me. I see time is relative to space and its opportunities available. I know that paradigms determine time. Otherwise time really doesn’t exists. It’s a man made invention. Biological clock is different from time. Biological clock switches up from person to person. But time stay the same. Earth spin fast earth spin slow Time click at the same speed. How could that be possible? I recall going for so many things that had a chance to improve my life.

Life moves in balance. Does that mean as I improve on the an ability something else will get weaker? Or does everything move in synchronization. That means I do not improve or get worse. I just access my gifts, however how useful or not. The key is to make it useful to me. I look to really make my next move my best move. Living in ATL is a wonderful eye-opening experience. They say its Black Hollywood. I think thats’ what influential people want to do with it. Either way the people feed the need. It’s my good pal Cho solar return day in two weeks. Cho from Vietnam, but he loves the US. He adores how many different types of people there are here. He thinks we have too much freedom and live for gratification. Cho believes Americans want credit for everything that they contribute to and rarely give to unless something is given to them. I met Cho on one of flights back from Shang Xhai. I traveled out there looking to secure a contract for an engineering company. They hired my services to close the deal. I like to compare my work to what Mariano Rivera did for the Yankees. He does not pitch a lot of innings, but when it’s his turn, he shuts it down.

Cho worked for the development team of a software company. He’s a shorter guy with a slight tan. He loves the ladies, but is a shy guy. He visited ATL every chance he gets. On a flight, he asked if he could switch with me and have the window seat. It didn’t matter much to me, I just got back from doing a 13 hour shift and just wanted to sleep. He said he was surprised that I said yes. I told him everyone in first class not yuppies that don’t like to share with anyone. What he didn’t know about me is that the fancy life doesn’t change inner me. It’s just the situation of the circumstance.
I gotta figure out what we gonna do for his BDAY. We gonna do it up.

Circle Fram

Youtube Trippin

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real… 

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My Unk out sunshine state been doing these vidz. He a good dude been on some while since I seen him. Talked to mom and he was over there. Got on line hype on them 13′ s. He like thirteen yourself sun. That’s my dude though. He give people what he got. After like 4 hours, I showed him how to send me videos. He sent some video about this guy always talking about getting back to nature. HaaaaaHAA this 13 Sun guy dropped some knowledge. He speaks on stuff I never heard anyone talk about. He REAL/EXTRA. Thing tripped me out. I thought the date was wrong. It was from July 12, 2014. How is this possible? I chalked it up as one of those events to that weird stuff that no one else would believe it unless they see it type of things. I clicked on some other vidz just to check on something. Date still lead to the future. I’m confused.


Hotspots 5.1.12

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real… 

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The weather feeling good today. As i am getting older, I learn to appreciate good weather days. I cleaned everything in my way and said I am going to do things that I enjoy today. Had to go get a cut. I think there defiantly is strength in the hair. A fresh hair cut cleans my whole image up and the world feeds off a perception. Good thing is I take good care of myself so the aging process slowing down some. I gotta make sure I take advantage of everything I have. I been studying up on the 5th dimension and it seems that with the end of the world they predicted I’m told. There have been so many alarms that the world is going to end that I don’t even worry about them. What am I going to do if it does end? Everything shut down type blackout. People panic, put it together some way. Enjoy myself until then. Its probably just another tactic to keep people shook and not thinking about what’s really going on in the world. There are sports athletes making triple digit money and kids still hungry. I think they give people all that money to keep people distracted about what is going on. If we really wanted to solve the problems in the world we could. To solve all of them at the same time would be a stretch though I think we could if people put it all the way together. That would take some time. See they consistent in their efforts. Look at sports NFL goes from august until February. NBA goes from November until June and NCAA college basketball goes from November March MADNESS until basically april. Looks like sports keeps a teams whole lotta people supporting that entertainment with multi billions. Then college sports makes tons of money but they don’t pass much of that money on to the athletes on the team. Super hustle. People cheating paying for KID athletes and preying on them. Don’t care nothing about their lives except for profiting off them. To each is own that’s why I gotta really focus my attention on things that help me and not doing shit jus to do it. I see that more clearly now but what can I do for my people. They really wrapped up in the stuff and take less interest in their personal life than sports spitting off some player stats but can’t tell me they own stats for their life. See know that I’m responsible with everything that happens to me.  I thought about organizing a gamble sports racquet to rack up on people cuz they love their sports. But i’m not gonna do that. Gotta stay on the path, no more hustling people. Even though they don’t care that they being hustled by somebody.


Frozen Bunnies 4.13.12

Uncovering the discovery of Gem’s tale as he rebuilds his life. His vintage style is in for a spin as he battles with living a top-of-the-line life filled with love and the finer things. He wants things to speed up and that’s when life gets real… 



The crazy part is the weather is still cold. I sleep at the Center Sunday – Thursday. The hard part is weekends. Everything shuts down early, but the club. I’m scheduled to take the test for the Navy at the end of this month. I got to do something. Give me a chance to see the world. How could I have a chance at being a Navy Officer. Never would a thought that with all the things I’ve done. I’m also getting my poof together for some artist fellowship competitions. I am excited about both opportunities. I’ve been working out and eating good. I eat chinese food, then get a hoagie from Wawa and eat off that for the rest of the day.  The problem just is not having a place to call my own. It like my days are flying by. I am not playing any video games or watching much television. I just heard a woman’s voice in my head. Sometimes, I fear being alone from society can cause insanity. All them prison shows. Solitary confinement. My situation could possible lead to that. How are my world views ever going to be the same? Guess they don’t need. Living off the land takes brawn, but its like this time is renewing me, creating and building a better me. I must continue to step up my efforts. I am going to use the 13th Century as inspiration for some of my sketches. I talked to John earlier. He called right after I finished my haircut. I hadn’t heard from him in a while. Getting a haircut refreshes my attitude.

As I continue to sleep in my car, John struggles without a car while working on getting his Master’s degree. White, black, yellow; John is the only person I know doing it without a car. I know how tough it is to get things done without transportation. I used to catch the bus two hours before my shift started for work. I only lived 15 minutes away by car.  It’s great that we know each other for reference of the struggle. I can only imagine what he’s feeling moving to a new place, having a kid, getting divorced, and going back to school. Life requires so much balance. I am glad to stretch out while sleeping. Even if it is on the floor or the couch. There is a lot of pain in life. Please do what you can so people can enjoy their years on Earth. I know I could be tripping, but it definitely fells like it always rains on my days off. That leaves me to continue working on my life. What else can I do? To think about it, I love the smell of the rain. When it does rain, it’s like I have an instant force field where no one can see me sleeping in the car. So many people look forward to the weekend because work is done and schools are closed. Fridays and saturdas are rough for me because most places close at 10pm. Maybe I will a catch a late night movie. Wrath of the Titans is playing. Yeah that might be the move. I’ve gotten some good ideas lately. I need to start working on my next sketch book.